Peng Shen (沈鵬)

Researcher @ NICT, Japan

I am a researcher at NICT, Kyoto, Japan, on automatic speech recognition, deep learning technology, spoken language identification, speaker recognition, event detection, etc.
I have four years full-time system development experience as a system engineer.

Research interest: Automatic speech recognition, signal processing, and machine learning (deep learning) related to image processing, data analysis and natural language processing.

Work experience

2014-Present: Researcher at National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT).
2004-2007: Information Management Engineer at Lenovo Group, China.

Awards & Certifications

2015.07: Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1.
2015.04: NICT team award.
2014.12: Won the 1st position among the 8 international teams (IWSLT TED ASR evaluation).
2006.09: Lenovo R&D award of excellence.
2003.12: Award of excellence (ZCDL Co. Ltd.).